What makes Klik DIY the simpler way to fulfill your landscape needs?

Imagination and work. Plan and build your space yourself. We can help!

Convenient. Manageable. Most landscape or hardscape projects would not be defined as
manageable, let alone convenient. The endless phone calls to price, schedule and pay for
each material needed to complete your project is not easy, nor convenient. Even when
success is achieved and all the products are ordered and delivered there is still the formidable pile(s) of dirt/materials dumped on the roadway or driveway now needing to be wheel borrowed one-by-one, shovel by shovel, until that entire pile is out of the way. Now this is a lot of work. Remember, the project hasn’t even really begun. You have only moved the pile(s) of dirt. So, after all the work of pricing materials, paying for and scheduling deliveries, making sure all products/materials are on-site and in the correct quantity, and now having moved those piles, you are now just beginning to ‘actually’ start your project. How deflating.

Well, there is a simple, convenient way for DIY’ers to order the materials they need.

Introducing Klik DIY.

What makes Klik DIY different? We are the ‘one-stop shop’ for the landscape and hardscape DIY’er. One phone call. All the materials needed to complete your project ordered with one call to our DIY team. For instance, you would like to install a 10×10 ft paver area with fire pit. The fire pit would be sold with the option of adding the needed aggregate materials in bulk
bags to complete your project. The option of adding the geo-textiles (landscape fabric) is
offered as well as the edge protector. We offer bulk bags for disposal as well. Once the
products needed are ordered and scheduled, we deliver and off-load the products to your site, all palletized or in bulk bags, conveniently placed out of the way and ready for you when
you’re ready.

Okay. So, lets go over what makes us convenient: One phone call- all materials are ordered with just one phone call, not 10-30 (or more). We provide all materials for your project- no
having to negotiate with different material suppliers. You schedule delivery with one company don’t worry about trying to schedule different suppliers, what a nightmare. Delivery of products and materials is tidy- no piles of dirt or messes to clean on the street; we can often place materials directly where they are needed.

Now lets talk about what make our process manageable: We will help you order what you
need- we know what we’re talking about, so let our team help guide you through what is
needed for your project. One Company to work with- don’t worry about tracking-down people
and info you have spoken to previous. Order fulfillment- this might be the best part of the process. All our products and materials are either palletized or loaded into bulk bags so that we can conveniently deliver and neatly store the materials on-site until you are ready to begin. We WANT to be your DIY hardscape and landscape supplier!